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Tired of being on your own? Nowhere to go? No purpose in life?

Join the Order of Solace!

We of the Order of Solace are a militant group  dedicated to the preservation and protection of Norrath, regardless of borders and alliegances. As a recruit you will see far off places of Norrath, explore the most dangerous and exciting of locales, meet interesting people and uphold the ideals you hold dear--without being shoved into a cookie cutter. We offer a home to the downtrodden and misshapen as well as the strong and healthy, believing that all deserve the chance to prove themselves worthy protectorates.  

For more information, seek out Verace, Laynisa, Khedric or one of our other officers ingame!

We are a Military-Style Constant Roleplay guild on Antonia Bayle server in EQ2. We cater to good/neutral people, but will take any character class or race (except necros and Freebloods) so long as you are not evilly motivated. 
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Website! YAY!

VeraceEQ2, Aug 29, 12 10:57 PM.
The website is live again, as you can see! Everything's been updated for the guild to use.
So-and-so has logged on!